Seriously guys don’t ignore this like the media is. 

The City Centre of Glasgow is over run with protesters, people are setting off flares and attacking each other, police tried to form a human barrier to prevent the rioters from spreading, Unionists were burning the Saltire, there are claims that someone may have been stabbed. And the news sites aren’t reporting this. 

This city was my home for half a year and it’s absolutely killing me that people aren’t paying attention to what’s going on right now. 

Seriously, I watched major news channels for three hours today and this is getting ignored. Only sky news mentioned this, but called it “good humoured” and “boisterous.”


Please get out of the city centre, or if you have to be there, avoid Buchanan Street and George Square. Be safe!

Don’t watch the link I posted if violence is triggering.

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remember when the doctor took the midnight train going anywhere


Let’s not.

Let’s not.

Oh no

Oh no

Are all the comments in twos on this?

Are all the comments in twos on this?

Stop that, it isn’t funny

Stop that, it isn’t funny

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❝ We must never confuse the positive things that America does with the kingdom of God, for the kingdom of God is not centered on being morally, politically, or socially positive relative to other versions of the kingdom of the world. Rather, the kingdom of God is centered on being beautiful, as defined by Jesus Christ dying on a cross for those who crucified him. To promote law, order, and justice is good, and we certainly should do all we can to support this. But to love enemies, forgive transgressors, bless persecutors, serve sinners, accept social rejects, abolish racist walls, share resources with the poor, bear the burden of neighbors, suffer with the oppressed — all the while making no claims to promote oneself — this is beautiful; this is Christ-like. Only this, therefore, is distinct kingdom-of-God activity. ❞
— Greg Boyd, The Myth of a Christian Nation, pg. 103 (via h2ointowine)
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wait is Clara the Missy lady?

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Let me ask you. Watching The Doctor’s responses in the Gifs. Does it make you uncomfortable?

It made be extremely so.

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Fuck I forgot.


Is anyone even going to mention the hot air ballon made of human skin?


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Mic Drop. 

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So I watched Deep Breath

I dunno, I’m probably going to have to re watch it a few times to give you a properly analyzed report. If I ever do.

I just want to point out a few things.

1. There is a T-rex the size of or near to the size of Big Ben. The characters comment on this being unusual once. Yet that is never explained, has nothing to do with the plot. Far as we know The Doctor went back in time, the T-rex tried to eat the Tardis, and then because of that both the Tardis and the T-rex got sent into victorian london. Why? What made it bigger?

2. I’m not buying Jenny’s and Madame Vastra relationship. Honestly it feels, abusive. Like Vastra just toys with Jenny, like in the supposed painting scene (which she was just having Jenny pose in an uncomfortable position because Jenny thought Vastra was painting her) only to find out Vastra wasn’t painting her at all. All for the sake of a laugh I’m assuming. Their relationship doesn’t feel balanced.

3. Moffat keeps referencing his own work. A bit to death in this one. The first “This sounds familiar” thing was…alright. But the more it was brought up the less power it had. It became boring.

4. Why did The Doctor take the homeless man’s coat?

5. How is talking someone into suicide different from murder?

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Special skills: extensive Harry Potter knowledge, can watch an entire TV show in a week, knows words to every Disney song, can form abnormally strong attachments to fictional characters, Microsoft Word

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Reblog if you want a Black Widow movie.




"Do You?"

If I ever stop reblogging this, assume I’m watching the movie at that time.

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looking for scholarships is the most depressing thing I’ve done.

fucking hell man

its like

he’s a 50$ scholarship…BUT

you have to be male, have a fetish for fine cheese, and be getting your doctorate in horse saddle making, as a graduate of night vale highschool with a gpa of 4.0

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The Space We Live In (x)

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Fun Fact: Quiet people are aware that they are quiet. They don’t need you to point it out to them. They know. Please stop. 

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I was listening to the Vale Decem and reading along with the translated lyrics.
One of which happened to be.

Nunquam singularis “Never alone”

This is frighteningly similar to The Face of Boe’s statement. “You are not alone”

Now I know that most people thought he meant Yana/The Master.

Then others are saying (Oh he really meant Gallifrey and the whole day of the doctor thing) which I strongly disagree with.

But really I think Captain Jack/Boe meant that The Doctor will never be abandoned by the universe. He will always have someone to remember, and someone to look forwards too.

He is never alone, never.

Nunquam singularis

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